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~ Wednesday, July 30 ~

Auto Assembly Prints

(the upper two are from last year but I didn’t manage to do new ones)

Wanted to prepare for ordering but my arm hurts like crap so I go to bed if you want any specific (SFW) older art as print  not shown here please message me or just answer this post within 24 hrs! Thank you.

Most will be smaler prints but will also make some new large ones, very limited becuase I don’t have much potential customers anyway.

(Reblogs would be helpful to make sure all the peeps going to AA actually see this thing. Feel free to delete it in 2-3 days and thank you in advance!)

EDIT: Prices are
A3            6
A4            3
A5            2
Postcard 1

Generally it would be awesome if I knew who is interested at all (and in what) so I know how much to make/take with me?

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